Victory Monument Pathway Market

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Today I have a chance to explore this market. This market very close to Royal View Resort hotel, I start from Royal View Resort the road in front of hotel just turn left. You can enjoy walking around park. Then you turn left again you will see many people waiting for a bus.

You will found many nice shops sell a little nice goods beside the path. I ask the price and I found that it is very cheap. It cheaper more than pratunam market. Almost the shop is woman cloth e shop. There also have food shop, copy –Xerox. You will see Thai people shopping are this market. Another step walk you will reach BTS sky train.

You will see very long bridge. It is beside Bts line. There have much shop belong to this bridge. Down the bridge is also the shop. You will see brand name shop, normal shop and move able shop. Even Sim-card you will see many brand to sell on this path.

Gift shop is popular for people around here. Beverage shop, Bank is also here. Victory Monument markets seem not too big but each shop use the area in shop very valuable. I think that it look very narrow. Because there you the path to be a shop.

However, this is one charm of Thailand. This area have crossroad. It is like the center location of bus in Bangkok. It has a bus stop in every corner of the road. You will never forget that because every corner of the road you can shop everywhere.

If you feel hungry and you want to find some food. You walk through the bridge you will see a center of food. Inside many people are enjoying eating. But the famous thing for the victory monument is boat noodle. Boat noodle is Victory Monument is very famous. Also, many shops are selling the boat noodle. I selected one. In this shop have many customer.

It divine to part of fan and air-condition. I order 5 cup of noodle. I think that it very huge but actually it is very little. The cup of noodle is very tiny.

I shopping then go to eat boat noodle. I better get to sleep at Royal View Resort Hotel. It is very close just 10-15 minute from victory monument. Surely, I don't forget to see nice shop when I come back to hotel. The price is very cheap.  Atmosphere of victory monument is very beautiful if I see on dawn.



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Royal View Resort is a leading 3-star hotel with focus on best price and value relations. Located at Rangnam Road near the Victory Monument, the hotel offers easy access to Bangkok's Mass Transport system (BTS sky-train) and the new Airport Express Train (Airport Link). Please book at our website and receive special privileges and deals.

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Victory Monument Pathway Market

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This article was published on 2010/09/18